Cagney Carnation/ja


Cagney Carnationは、Cupheadに登場するボスキャラクター。

Inkwell Isle OneFloral Furyにて登場。


Before the battle begins, Cagney pretends to look cute before extending its head and "shouts" at Cuphead and Mugman. Then grows thorns on its body, making an evil grin.



An unknown creature will be flying like a boomerang in the screen then flies back to the lower area. Then cups its hands to release flying "turnips" that will either shoot straight on the direction at Cuphead or Mugman. At some point, Cagney will then form its petals into a fist then hit at the lower or upper area.

  • Seed Gattling Gun - Cagney will shoot different colored seeds on the air. Each seed has different abilities.
    • Blue Seed - Grows a vine then releases venus flytrap that acts like homing missiles.
    • Purple Seed - Grows a little black chomping thing on the ground that can hurt you.
    • Pink Seed - Grows a vine then a flower will fly above. It then opens its mouth and shoots a seed at either Cuphead or Mugman. The seed its self and the flower's bullets can be parried.


Cagney starts spreading its thorny vines all over the ground, making it unable for you to touch the lower ground but instead stay on the 3 flying mushroom platforms. The flower starts releasing "dandelions" from its mouth flying across the screen, pink ones can also be parried. While surviving, vines will either grow below the flying platforms making it unable for you to stay on them.


  • The original track for Floral Fury, the level you fight Cagney Carnation, was put into a different level called Shootin' and Lootin'.

Death Lines

  • " Looks like you're pushing up daisies! " --Cagney Carnation, Old Line
  • " Fools who attempt to fight this, will leave with allergic rhinitis. " --Cagney Carnation, Phase 1 Line
  • " Extreme pollination and total domination! " --Cagney Carnation, Phase 2 Line